Episode 6


“Becca and I, we had something special, and it kind of took a step back.”

Chris, a black belt in evading taking responsibility




The guys find themselves in Richmond, Virginia, and immediately Leo reminds us why he's this season's funniest by his tenuous tie-in of their location and the required "finding love" metaphor...


Within moments of Jason receiving his 1-on-1 date card, Lincoln and Chris go at it like...

Honestly, though, while I do think Lincoln likes to poke, I don't think he was the instigator in this fight. Note a couple of things about the following .GIF...

  1. Lincoln is only expressing DOUBT at Chris potentially receiving a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1, which is FAIR given the fact that Chris has already gotten a 1-on-1 and there are still men (INCLUDING LINCOLN) who have yet to receive a first 1-on-1.
  2. Notice how Chris interrupts Lincoln twice and watch Jason notice and try not to laugh.
  3. Watch Lincoln smile back at Jason, noticing his reaction. Lincoln is friends with these guys. He's not in the same boat popularity-wise as Chris.
  4. Wills' snort! And Jason's reaction!



It's not often I make a .GIF of what's basically just a sweet embrace, but this one really made an impression on me...


I LOVE Jason and Becca together. I love how natural and easy it seems between them, and how the chemistry, while definitely there, feels like a discovery after establishing compatibility. It's almost like Becca uncovered the chemistry as she got to know Jason and kissed him, not that they were insta-attracted to each other and their conversations since meeting have been bridging the gap between make-outs. In other words, the chemistry comes from their connection, not the other way around. I STRONGLY believe in this with successful romantic relationships. 



My Leo lovefest continues as we see sides of him beyond being a (much needed) source of humor. Note below, when all the Group Date names have been read and Blake tells Leo that he's got that week's 1-on-1, Leo politely says... 


I cannot express enough how much I love the above reaction. It says, "Who, me?" without sounding fake, and there's a cautious optimism, especially in that near-imperceptible smile. He would really like to get that date but is managing expectations until he knows it's his. He's also very carefully not braggarty about it. I got texts from several girlfriends this week loving on Leo. Leo's the best.

On the Group Date, Chris somehow thinks it's a good idea to take his personal conflict with Lincoln and make it the business of 200 Virginian Bachelor fans. Yet, after this textbook offensive move, he truly seems to believe he's still on the defensive...


Two wrongs, Chris. TWO WRONGS.

Sadly, it gets worse. Watching Chris talk in circles, evade responsibility, and act like the victim—yet consistently double-down in his retaliation—is mind-numbing. One of many exhibits is the following exchange, where Becca simply tells Chris what she's heard and he immediately goes to his safe place, victim mode...


There was a teensy bit of reprieve when Garrett came to "steal" Becca and was adorably awkward about it...


The poor, poor men are subjected to what was likely HOURS worth of Man Chats (either with Chris or about Chris), proven by Wills, the season's King of authentic reactions...


When guys would rather cram in three per sofa than sit next to you...

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 10.22.03 PM.png

... and the general feeling from hanging out with you is...

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.02.14 PM.png

... and...

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.02.03 PM.png

... you're probably doing something wrong.


LEO'S 1-ON-1

There was an interesting moment on Leo's date where he dropped some MAJOR 4th wall breakage, implying feelings develop faster (or at all) because of the process and environment. This is of course something we all know and we discuss freely here at ATPP, but it's not usually addressed on the show itself. But notice how when he says this, it's not really in response to what Becca's just said, nor is what she says afterwards really a response to his remark. I've pointed out the subtle difference in her hair to further make my point that his observation was inserted in there from somewhere else...


... which is interesting to consider, because it suggests that Leo's 4th wall-breaking comment was put in there out of context, and thus intentionally.

Sadly, as much as I want Leo to stay on my television screen for as long as possible, there is ZERO romantic reciprocation here... 


... though I do think Becca genuinely likes him as a platonic friend she trusts and that she really appreciates that, hence why she gave him the 1-on-1 rose.

After getting said rose, Leo returns back to the hotel. Note two things here: 1/ Leo is very popular. The guys literally cheer and fist bump him upon his return. This makes me like Leo even more. 2/ Leo is in Chris' direct line of sight when he walks in, but the clip showing Chris' reaction to Leo's return is taken from a different moment, when he's giving a dirty glance to his right...


... as unpopular and un-self aware as Chris appears to be, I don't think he's at the point where he's glaring at guys for returning with roses. Unless maybe they're named Lincoln.

Finally, in one of the most satisfying send-offs I can remember in this franchise, Chris, with his stellar judgement and good decision-making, decides to visit Becca at her hotel. He resumes talking at her and proves once and for all that, even when a person—the woman he claims to be falling for and sees potential with, no less—tells him TO HIS FACE that he is directly to blame for her unhappiness, he can't for the life of him take responsibility...


Now, I don't like to make sweeping statements about the personalities of people on this show since I don't think it's fair to judge them by how they are in this unique, intentionally distressing, friction-causing environment. But you know that saying, how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results? Chris literally keeps saying the same things to Becca over and over again yet he keeps thinking he will somehow change her mind and win her over, not realizing that it's that very behavior—his first and only argument and approach—that continues to push her further and further away. 

I sincerely hope watching this back was an exercise in self-analysis and reflection for Chris. 



No surprises here. We all knew Connor and Lincoln would likely be the guys going home, though it was surprising we didn't hear a peep out of Lincoln given how prominent he was this season. 


As always, my Top 4 frontrunners can be found over at Flare!




Lindsey asked about the dress Becca wore on GMA several weeks ago...


Becca's Likely "Brooklyn" dress (in Light Blue) sells HERE. It's also available for rent HERE. If you're OK with a slightly darker blue, this exact dress is super on sale in the Marlin color, HERE. Her Gianvito Rossi Plexi G-string sandals (which we've seen several times this season already) sell HERE, but since they're pricey, HERE is a look-for-less.

Several of you asked about Becca's crescent moon necklace...


I couldn't find Becca's exact Dilamani diamond necklace online but there are super similar (and look-for-less!) options HERE and HERE, and a beautiful, longer, slightly more "statement" version with real diamonds (but still a major look-for-less) HERE.

Emily asked about Colton's red hoodie...


Unfortunately I couldn't find this exact piece, but there's a similar one selling HERE.

Best Dressed

Honorable Mention this week goes to Chris Harrison for what he wore for his chat with Becca...

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 7.27.36 PM.png

I know, I know, I'm predictable! I love me a plaid/check shirt and cardigan combo. What I like about this is it looks mature yet stylish. He doesn't look like he's trying to look 25, but he looks polished and like a gentleman. PS—though I couldn't find CH's exact John Varvatos cardigan, there's a super similar option (and look-for-less) HERE.

My runner-up for Best Dressed is Connor with his Group Date "Beccalection" look...


I loved this look. He looks crisp and put together. There's great texture/pattern mixing (that woven tie with the checked shirt), unique but sophisticated color coordination (who knew fuchsia and burgundy worked together?) , and you guys know I love me a tie clip. :)

Finally, Best Dressed is Colton with his Group Date evening look...


I've generally liked Colton's casual wear but so far this season but haven't seen a more cleaned-up look that I really love. (He tends to wear blazers with t-shirts which is fine but doesn't particularly thrill me.) Until this. I LOVE this look. He looks edgy, masculine, but like he's not trying too hard.`I love the all black with the suede boots. Above all, that is the PERFECT, streamlined, not-too-many-bells-and-whistles leather jacket. This is an understated win for me.

Worst Dressed

The Best/Worst Dressed section is truly never personal. I swear this has nothing to do with Chris' behavioral showing this week...


Why, Chris, WHY?! This was a perfectly nice ensemble! It might've been Best Dressed material! But that pocket square... not only the color, but that gift bag tissue paper folding technique is just... no. If, however, you disagree with me and love that pocket square, it sells HERE

Becca's Looks

For her Richmond B-rolls and conversation with Chris Harrison...


I LOVE this jacket. The clean lines paired with the punch of that color. The length and cut. It's a WOW jacket. The blouse, too, is feminine and sweet. She rocks anything and everything floral. Becca's Ted Baker "Keyla" short wrap coat (in Fuschia) sells (on sale!) HERE and HERE. Her Rebecca Taylor floral tie-neck top sells (also on sale!) HERE and HERE.

For her 1-on-1 with Jason...


While I think these rainboots are cute, I didn't particularly love them with that coat. However, I have to assume maybe it was a rainy day or something and that it was a game time style decision. The best thing about this look is easily that fantastic jacket/coat hybrid, which manages to marry a bit of modern edge with major practicality. Becca's Mackage "Estela-D" belted trench coat (with an inner ribbed jacket) sells HERE. Her Hudson "The Icon" frayed jeans sell HERE. Her Chooka "Nina" floral rain boots sell HERE, and there's a good look-for-less by the same brand HERE.

In the evening...


Honestly, I liked these dress better on TV before I saw the details. I love me an off-the-shoulder moment, a velvet moment, and a double-breasted moment, but all together, simultaneously, in one piece? I could have dealt with two of three all three feels a little overdone and try-hard to me. Becca's L'Agence "Romilly" blazer dress sells HERE and HERE. (There's also a size M on TheRealReal HERE.) Her SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker "Glass" pumps sell HERE, and they cleverly also come in a comfier 70mm heel version, HERE. Her Dilamani diamond earrings (HERE) only sell at certain retailers but there's a decent alternative (and look-for-less, though these are still real diamonds and thus not dirt cheap), HERE, and a costume version HERE.

For the "Beccalection"...


I dug this ensemble. She looked chic, modern, ladylike, yet like a major BOSS. Becca's Sofia belted military coat sadly sold out (HERE) but there's a fantastic look-for-less HERE. Her A.L.C. "Duke" crepe blazer (in Magenta) sells (super on sale!) HERE. Her matching A.L.C. "Capen" split-front trousers are sadly sold out in Magenta (HERE) but they're still available in black HERE. Her Zara lace camisole is sadly sold out but there's a fantastic alternative (and definite look-for-less) HERE. Her surprisingly affordable Massimo Matteo "17" black patent pumps sell HERE.

In the evening...


This was tied for my favorite look of the week. This jumpsuit felt powerful, statement-making, and downright SEXY. The styling with that belt was great, and overall she looked gorgeous. I ONLY wish there'd be a slick ponytail, but I'm being ultra picky. Becca's Jason Wu Grey x Diane Kruger crepe bustier jumpsuit sells (on sale) HERE and HERE. Her Rebecca Minkoff velvet wrap belt sells (on sale!) HERE. Her exact Stuart Weitzman "SquareNudist" sandals are sadly sold out (HERE) but there's a near-identical option (just with a slightly more gold sheen, versus Becca's bronze) in the same model by the same brand (super on sale!) HERE. Her The Woods earrings are real and hard to come by, but there are great looks-for-less HERE and HERE.

In the evening of her 1-on-1 with Leo (and for her Chris send-off)...


Oh man. The only reason this wasn't in the Worst Dressed section is because I love that leather jacket so much. I'm sorry, but this dress is not good. There is nothing effortless, elegant, or understated about this. Less is more, and there is nothing "less" about this. It's actually well summed up in the lone review for it online: Becca's Sunset + Spring sequin dress is sold out (HERE, where the review lives) which is probably for the best. Her Iro "Ashville" leather jacket (you've seen her wear this jacket in several colors now) sells HERE, but since it's pricey, there are excellent looks-for-less HERE (real leather) and HERE (faux).

Finally, for the Rose Ceremony...


This was my other favorite look of the week! Hurray for a dramatic Rose Ceremony gown (with embellishments!) that I love! The sheer aspect of this dress really makes it; it adds sex appeal, interest, and makes it really unlike anything else I've seen. It feels elevated as opposed to prom-y and very worthy of a Week 6 Rose Ceremony. Her chignon completed the look—it was the cherry on top! I would have been so disappointed to see her hair down here, so yay for great head-to-toe styling!

Interestingly, this is one of the first gowns NOT by Randi Rahm; Becca's Mac Duggal "50416D" sheer floral embroidered gown sells HERE.


Until next week, fellow pandas!