Episode 7


“I thought she cared about me like I cared about her.”

Wills, pinpointing what is probably the most important—and most difficult—aspects of being the lead




Our pre-Hometowns week takes us to the Bahamas, where the men are flown all the way out only to be trapped in a hotel room for most of their stay. Becca kicks off the week with plenty of admiring-the-Bahamas B-rolls, including a quick but distinct Direct-Look-Into-Camera™...


On the balcony of their beautiful prison, Blake clarifies in an ITM (most likely in response to a producer prompt) where exactly he falls on the "Falling In Love" scale, that arbitrary thing I've bitched and moaned about...


Naturally, since...

  1. Blake is unabashedly expecting that 1-on-1 (it has been the longest since his first one) and there's potential for him to start unraveling
  2. The date activity revolves around conch "pistol", the Viagra of the Bahamas, making it custom-built for Colton The Virgin

... Blake obviously doesn't get the date. Notice what he says and how the dig at Colton is clearly Frankenbitten in there as a voiceover...


Now give it a listen...

Is it just me, or did Garrett say the line about Colton...?? Not only does it simply sound like Garrett's voice, it's also the speed at which Garrett speaks. Blake is a fast-talker and mumbler (believe me, I become familiar with stuff like this after many, many .GIF makings), while Garrett is a slow and measured talker. When I listen to that I can't hear anything but Garrett. Maybe I'm crazy and losing my mind... let me know what you guys hear. 



Colton's date is every bit as ripe for the sex joke making as you'd expect...


... and after an ITM where Becca said, "We have so much chemistry and passion, that he could just pick me up and do... whatever! Whatever he wants to do.", it's naturally time for Colton to drop the anvil that is his virginity on our unsuspecting Bachelorette. I mentioned this on The Morning After, but I was immediately struck by Becca's expression on hearing that he wasn't sure his father knew. Her expression to me reads as knowing Colton was probably coaxed into revealing this on national television and feeling a bit sick/concerned/sad about it...


Think about it: While Colton was no doubt told by producers that he REALLY had to tell Becca this information for full discloser's sake, there was no reason why this couldn't have waited for the Fantasy Suite (should he make it there), where sex doesn't always happen (cough, Sean Lowe, cough) and it's really just private, camera-free time. I'm not saying this is something he should hide or be ashamed of, but if so few people know that you DAD doesn't know, maybe you're not 100% ready to reveal this on national television.

Anyway, during a drawn out segment where Becca excuses herself to think (I truly felt her thinking time was more about her feeling bad about—and less about feeling shocked or disarmed by—the revelation), we get ITMs of Colton being scared shitless...

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.56.12 PM.png

... and after she returns and gives him the rose, this is what his ITM looks like...

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.57.40 PM.png

Zero percent chance this wasn't the exact same ITM session. Look at the identical creasing in his shirt on the left shoulder and sleeve! In other words, Colton expressing fear, worry, and doubt was all after he'd already gotten the rose, and then they just slapped that rose on him and he then expressed joy and relief. The power of talking in the present tense.



While Blake stews over being passed over for a 1-on-1 again, Becca takes Garrett out in a seaplane for a aerial view of the islands. Claudia wrote me about this seaplane, as she read a rumor that it was painted with Tia's name before Becca was crowned Bachelorette, revealing this season really was meant to be Tia's...

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.21.27 PM.png

As titillating as that scandal would have been, TIA stands for Trans Island Airways, the seaplane company that likely comped this date activity in exchange for the above shot of their logo. Which makes the whole thing a giant coincidence. Shucks! That said, I am forever impressed with the observational and speculatory skills of the people who take to the forums to dissect this stuff. 

I had to make a .GIF of the following moment as it sums up PERFECTLY what I've harped on about for years, how a substantial amount of the excitement and disappointment associated with going or not going on dates has as much (or more) to do with being trapped inside a beautiful hotel in a new country you're dying to explore...


I'm not saying Jason and Blake don't want to spend the day with Becca. I happen to believe they both sincerely do. But imagine HOW MUCH WORSE that FOMO is made by the fact that they are

not allowed to leave their hotel suite for DAYS on end. It is almost certain that since arriving in The Bahamas, they have been limited to their suite, possibly allowed to go to the hotel gym daily (and with an escort) if there isn't one in their living space, and not even given a key to their own suite (to prevent sneaking in and out, which is sanity-preserving activity). To me, the above agony sums up that experience more than generic jealousy over another guy getting to hang out with Becca.

Anyway, despite Becca showing subtle signs of cooling towards Garrett at the beginning of the date, by the end of the date she is as over the moon as ever about him. There was a cute moment here where they couldn't stop from laughing as she offered him the rose...


I dig little fits of laughter like the above because it seems like they're in on the ridiculousness of the formality of it all. At this point, given their connection and conversation, it's a given that she's giving him the rose, which to me is how it should be. Their laughter affirms that confidence on both sides.



Blake finally gets his very own date and who knew he was hiding these dance moves?!?!


I purposely make .GIFs like the above faster because I think it's funny (it's the simple joys in life) but in all honesty, I was pretty blown away by his moves.

In the evening Blake reveals what I consider to be a pretty massive deal: His mother left his father for his ENGLISH TEACHER. And he was about 15 at the time, meaning he was probably either still being taught by the guy or was at least still in school with him. My jaw was (I think appropriately) on the floor hearing this but Becca's reaction stuck out to me as NOT REMOTELY SHOCKED ENOUGH....


... which of course led the suspicious side of me to think that reaction was taken from elsewhere, but what would be the purpose in that? Anyway. Tell me if I'm right to be shocked by that story? Or is Ottawa just a straight-laced sleepy place where affairs between your parents and high school teachers are the kind of thing you only see in movies? 

I should probably address Blake's major feels for Becca this week. I totally support and believe his anxiety about receiving a date (if you don't get a second 1-on-1 in or by Episode 7, meaning before Hometowns, it's not looking good), but his official ILY (versus his "falling" status) felt like textbook first-1-on-1 date-recipient, on-schedule fare. Like, it's not enough for the guy who had the first 1-on-1 to, 5 weeks later, still simply like the Bachelorette a lot. He's gotta FULL BLOWN LOVE HER or else his feelings development isn't up to snuff. I'm not saying Blake doesn't feel these feelings for Becca (in fact I totally believe he believes he does), and Becca was very responsive to his professions of love. (They shared a very post-ILY-appropriate make out afterwards.) But as I said over at Flare, I feel more through-the-TV-screen chemistry between Becca and each Garrett, Colton, AND Jason than I do Blake. I dunno. I just don't get I-see-my-life-mate-in-you vibes from Becca towards Blake. Let me know if you guys agree.



It's the dreaded final Group Date and the musical chairs of 1-on-1 time and make out seshes—within plain sight of the other guys (duh)—ensues. It occurred to me that, when Jason and Becca talked about "it"—IT being hard, IT working—that this is a sort of 4th-wall breakage discussion...


... and 4th-wall breakage discussions are always .GIF-worthy here at All The Pretty Pandas. :) Interestingly, I don't totally agree with Becca here. I do think it's plenty difficult when it's working (meaning, you're falling in love) but I also think it's very (albeit not as) difficult if you're not.

The first time I watched Becca boat off with Wills and Jason (the Group Date rose prominently in her hand, of course) right in front of a island-bound Leo, I thought it was unnecessarily cruel. But after watching this back I actually think Leo 100% knew he'd be going home and was totally accepting of (and perhaps even cool with) that. After all, I'm PRETTY SURE he even waves them all goodbye...


Farewell, dear Leo! We loved you and your on-point commentary. You are already missed!

It's down to two and Becca says something to Jason that every lead says to a contestant this far out and it bugs me every time...


In my humble opinion, whether or not a guy is super duper effusive at this point (meaning in the ballpark of final 4) is just a matter of words. WORDS! Let us not forget that Jason had his first 1-on-1 LAST WEEK, and that the other three guys with Hometowns have each had TWO. The other guys have had more time to identify and develop those on-schedule feelings. If Jason were "more vocal" with his feelings at this point, I'd only be suspicious. I give him props for sticking to his guns and fending off the expectation (not necessarily from Becca but from all sides) to prematurely use the L-word. Don't get me wrong; I fully expect his Hometown next week to open with him saying something along the lines of him having missed Becca, having realized that he loves her, and that he plans on telling her that sometime that day. (I'm placing my bets now that this will happen!) But for now I respect and applaud his resistance of the L-word pressure.

Becca sends Wills packing and must have caught some camera people off guard in her location or timing because you can see them running to catch her farewell explanation (#4thwall)...


She begins said farewell speech by thanking him for giving her what she asked of him (openness and honesty) but what she obviously didn't give to him in return since they were making out literally moments earlier... (his face really says it all, too)...


I find moments like the above extra interesting when it's with a Bachelorette (or Bachelor) that I love (Becca falls into this category) and who I think is a kind, good person. Like, to me, Becca is the poster child of good behavior, reasonableness, and class. Meanwhile, it's part of the lead's job to deceive many (if not most) of their suitors. There's a real dilemma there, so it's always interesting to see how someone (who you like and relate to) at the helm of her season and watch how she navigates this required deception. For what it's worth, I think Becca's doing a fine job of this (in my Flare recap I mentioned I don't think she gave Wills quite enough validation to warrant his extra strong feelings) and I imagine it's very difficult.

Finally, I just wanted to point out that we finally solved the mystery of the famous white-bamboo-in-enormous-white-vase ITM room! Remember, we've seen Pick-ups in this room from as early as Night One...

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.48.30 PM.png

... and considering not only the amount of ITMs in this room this week but also the accuracy of their hair/makeup/jewelry, I'm pretty darn sure this is a Bahamas ITM room...

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.28.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.42.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.40.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.34.10 PM.png


As always, my frontrunners can be found over at Flare!




Lauren asked about Wills' send-off shirt... 


Wills' shirt is by Topshop and it currently sells (on sale!) HERE.


Best Dressed

As much as I admired many of Wills' ballsy prints this week, I wasn't in love with anything anyone wore enough to crown Best Dressed.
No Best Dressed this week!


Worst Dressed

Lots of casual, hot weather looks this week and nothing offended me.
No Worst Dressed, either!


Becca's Looks

The fashion bag was a bit mixed this week. For her arrival-in-The-Bahamas B-rolls and chat with Chris Harrison...


I thought this was a cute, wearable, and quirky ensemble. From the ankles up it's a simple but stylish look, and those shoes at a punch of fun. Have I ever mentioned how Andy thinks it's hilarious when I refer to fashion as "fun"? Because he does. He's always like, "Is that dress fun?" 🙃Overall this look was a win for me.

Becca's Line & Dot "Edna" skirt sells HERE. (It's fairly reasonably priced, but since a few of you asked, there's a good look-for-less HERE and a cute alternative sans the tie detail, HERE.) Her Brandi Melville "Skylar" tank sells HERE. Her Steve Madden "Carrson" block heels (in Lavender Suede) sell HERE. (Though those are affordable, there's a near-identical pair for selling even less HERE.) Her Mastoloni pearl bangles sell at designated retailers (their product pages are HERE and HERE), but there are decent looks-for-less for the second one HERE and HERE. Finally, there's a decent look-for-less HERE for her Gabriel & Co hoops (product page HERE).

For her date with Colton...


I'm a bit on the fence with this. I like the dress alone but not over a bright orange bikini. (I know this isn't her fault; she just had to wear something over a swimsuit.) But to me this isn't a cover-up dress. This is a dress dress that would look better with platforms or booties. But I digress. She wore it as a coverup and there's nothing terrible about that. The bikini I LOVE. I think the color, sweetheart off-the-shoulder neckline, and ruched detailing (and you know I hate ruching!) really work and make this unique and just beautiful. 

A few of you asked about Becca's Paige "Lemay" dress (in Pale Mauve); it sells HERE, but it's currently on sale in white (HERE) and black (HERE). Her Becca by Rebecca Virtue bikini is sadly sold out (HERE), but there's a similar-ish option (and look-for-less) HERE, as well as a one-piece version with the same neckline by the same brand, only in black, HERE. The earrings she wore are by Brooklyn Designs and they sell HERE.

For "dinner" with Garrett...


This probably surprises nobody but this was HANDS DOWN my favorite look of the week. The jumpsuit is sleek, modern, feminine, yet powerful. I LOVE the white and how crisp it looks on her. The jewelry is elegant but the pieces make subtle statements. Finally, the cherry on top is that amazing, super slick, neckline-and-choker-highlighting PONYTAIL. Hallelujah! 🙌🏼

Becca's Cushnie et Ochs "Seina" jumpsuit is sold out (HERE), but it's still available in Black (HERE) and in a size 0 (HERE). Since it's pricey, there's a shockingly good look-for-less (I legit couldn't believe it when I found it) selling HERE and HERE. Her Dilamani earrings are sold at retailers (the product page is HERE) and I'm afraid I couldn't find anything quite like them out there. Her Suzanne Kelan diamond choker sells HERE, but since that price tag isn't for the faint of heart, there's a fantastic look-for-less HERE.

For her date with Blake...


I like every piece here but as usual I'm iffy on everything together. To me green + red always looks like Christmas, even if the green is more of an olive green. That said, I way prefer this casual, easy ensemble as a bikini coverup over the Joie dress above.

Becca's Show Me Your Mumu "Cammy's Cami" tank (in Chili Pepper) sells HERE. Her Joie "Stuva" pants (in Fatigue) are sold out (HERE) but they're still available in black and white (HERE). As for looks-for-less, there are two good options HERE and HERE, and a perfect plus size dupe HERE. Her Luli Fama reversible bikini sells HERE (top) and HERE (bottom), and it also comes in other colors HERE. Her Ancient Greek "Niki" leather sandals sell HERE. For wallet-friendlier options, the exact same shoe in silver is super on sale HERE and there's a perfect dupe for Becca's mixed metallic pair HERE

In the evening...


We didn't see much of this dress and I was very OK with that. I find this dress so unbelievably mediocre and the only reason it looks good on Becca is because ANYTHING would look good on her. I loathe the textured bodice with the smooth, faux-wrapped skirt. The cutout macrame detail at the waist is fine on its own but feels too sundress-like and out of place on what's essentially a formal dress. The saving grace here are those amazing turquoise earrings, which I'm coveting HARD.

Becca's Stylestalker "Emilia" dress sells HERE. You may remember her Massimo Matteo "Unicorn" heels as she's already worn them a few times this season; they sell HERE. Several of you asked about her turquoise drop earrings; they're by The Woods and I couldn't find them anywhere online. :( The best looks-for-less I could locate are HEREHERE, and HERE.

For the Group Date...


While I wouldn't wear this—it's another case of liking each item but maybe not all together—I do still like it. She looks cute and fresh and vacation-y. I'm starting to think I just love white on Becca. And ponytails. 

Becca's AG "Robyn" white denim jacket sells HERE, but there are great looks-for-less HERE and HERE. Her Sandro "Jill" tank is currently half price (!) HERE, but since it's still on the pricey side for a tank, there's a similar-ish look-for-less HERE. Her Hudson "Zooey" high rise white denim shorts sell HERE but there are two solid looks-for-less HERE and HERE.

In the evening...


This was my second favorite look of the week. Becca looks SO elegant in unembellished, modern pieces. Look at how much more striking she is in this dress than THE ACTUAL MODEL on the right. The color, cut, and fit were on the money here, and even though I would have liked this with a low chignon, her hair down still really works. She looks gorgeous. 

Becca's Ted Baker "Yandal" asymmetric cold shoulder dress is sadly sold out (HERE) but there's one in black on eBay HERE. She's worn her Gianvito Rossi "G-string" heels (HERE) a few times this season already. (The same shoe in red is half price HERE and there's a look-for-less HERE.) Her earrings are the same Dilamani drops she wore with the white jumpsuit above.


Until next week, fellow pandas!