Episode 3

Argh, you guys. I keep thinking I'll keep these snappy and on the shorter side, both to maintain my sanity and to get these out more promptly. But then I get started and end up making "just one more" .GIF over and over. Oy! 



“I’m here to get proposed to at the end of all this.”

Bibiana on the natural course of things





As you might know, I was in Toronto this past week. Over coffee with my editor at Flare, Maureen, we established that Arie isn't really what we were expecting based on his bad-boy, player reputation. In fact, he's proving to be somewhat dorky in a very endearing way. There were several examples of it this week (like when he told Tia to allow him to comfort her because it makes him feel like "the man"), but my favorite was when he attempted to assist during somersault practice and quickly realized he was utterly useless...


There were a bunch of amusing Pick-ups from this date, amusing because the girls had to recreate their costumes... 


So, about this Group Date, Andy felt Tia and Bibiana completely missed the point of the theatrics and overt dissing on this Group Date, but as I mentioned on The Morning After, I think you can inspire people to perform without ever getting personal. There's a difference between gently ribbing someone and insulting their mother. I felt for Bibiana and Tia on this date and had mad respect for how they brushed themselves off and got back in it.

In the evening, as Krystal re-approached the group (after stealing Arie first), we got a fantastic Direct-Look-Into-Camera™ (they're back!!!) from Maquel...


I wanted to spend a bit of time in this recap pointing out a few details about Krystal's edit. In last week's comments section, some felt Krystal was the victim of a villain edit. Only so much can be blamed on production, but there is absolutely some of that at play here.

For example: On the Group Date, we hear Krystal talk about how much more established and strong her connection is with Arie than the others' (even going so far as to say—IN A VOICEOVER—that the other women were "living in a false reality"). But, in the following example, the emphasis on "do" in the following sentence is that textbook ITM cadence I've mentioned in seasons past...


Zero percent chance her producer didn't ask something along the lines of, "Do you feel like you and Arie have the strongest relationship so far?" Sure, her response and thoughts are her own (she clearly does believe what she said here), but it's not like she necessarily volunteered it, which colors things slightly differently.

In her supposed Girl Chat with Marikh... 


I noticed the fishiness of this Girl Chat right away and was SO PROUD of my pandas when I got tons of messages about this scene. (You guys are awesome!) As you guys pointed out, the fact that we don't ever see Krystal and Marikh in this shot at the same time is highly suspect, and I would be shocked to find out this was an actual conversation had between the two of them. The lighting and breeze levels are totally different. I personally think this was a conversation Krystal had with a producer. The way she speaks suggests the person she's talking to isn't one of the other "jealous" women she references. Later in this same conversation she says about Arie, "We know we want to end up together", which is a bit of a weird thing to say to a woman who's supposedly dating the same guy. It also doesn't line up with how secretive she's been with the other women about her time with him. Finally, I think it's clear Krystal was not aware of the camera and forgot she was mic'ed, based on her facial expressions and demeanor, which are normally very polished and "on" in other scenes when she knows a camera's on her.



Lauren S gets the 1-on-1 and we're shown some major foreshadowing of her fate...


Seriously, how often do we see the women packing and preparing their suitcases? On 2-on-1s we always see this, but rarely for 1-on-1s. I immediately had a bad feeling when I saw her with her suitcase and my hunch was right. :(

You guys just knew I'd have to capture Arie EATING THE FOOD during the evening portion of this date. We never see the 1-on-1 dinner get eaten! (As I've mentioned before, though it's perfectly fine and edible, it's usually cold, and anyway, you've just eaten dinner while prepping for the evening part of the date.) I actually felt showing this was a bit of a wink to the analytical viewers out there...


Back at the mansion, as the Group Date card is being read, we catch a bit of Caroline's dry sense of humor and it is simply delightful...


As Lauren S is being dumped on national television, she gives an EPIC Direct-Look-Into-Camera™...


I really like Lauren S and thus appreciated how her edit seemed way more humane than it maybe could've been. It felt like a step in the right direction and I talked about it in more detail over at Flare this week. 

Back at the mansion, when Lauren S' suitcase is taken and the women realize she hasn't gotten her 1-on-1 rose, we see a genuine reaction from Krystal that can't be blamed on edit...


Okay, so sure, the above could've been from a different moment and edited in here, but I seriously doubt that's what happened here. Especially since her words about Lauren S afterwards feel pretty affected and the women struggle to hide their irritation with it.

The least good at hiding irritation? Caroline, who broke the 4th wall a teensy bit in the process...


It's the "oops, I said it" here that I love. It feels very meta to see a contestant reference what they've just said as something they shouldn't have, given how established it is that quotes like this commonly end up airing.



I don't have much to say about this Group Date except for the fact that it seems awfully convenient that Annaliese (whose confidence and self esteem were presumably already nearing an all-time low) just so happened to be assigned the incredibly unfortunate and unsexy "Pooper Scooper" role...


... particularly given the other women largely got to wear outfits like this...

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.54.06 PM.png


A pure coincidence not at all designed to further exacerbate Annaliese's insecurities, I'm sure.



A word on Annaliese. I really liked her and felt really terrible about how things turned out for her. The following snippet really highlights that the Bachelor bubble struggle is REAL...


The dichotomy of Annaliese not being the type of girl to make a move (which I believe) with the fact that she's even saying the above really sums up what an unnatural environment this show is, especially for women, who are likely more used to being pursued than the male contestants are. My only wish is she'd listened to her gut and just enjoyed the experience for what it was and let it run its course. Overall, this outcome was pretty shocking to me as I had Annaliese pegged as my #1 based on the premiere. 

One more observation about Krystal. In his Rose Ceremony speech, Arie makes a remark about finding his wife and we see a shot of a jubilant Krystal, as though she thought he was talking about her. But note the fact that at that time, Caroline was behind her, yet not in the shot of her smiling...


So that smile likely happened while Caroline was getting her rose. Again, not some mind-blowing revelation, but certainly food for thought in terms of Krystal subtly being painted a certain way. 


As always, my top 4 frontrunners can be found over at Flare!




Okay, WHOA. The fashion section is HUGE this week. I got by far and away more requests this week than I've ever received. I wasn't able to ID every piece but here's what I did get...


Janine asked about Caroline's turtleneck from an ITM shown after Lauren S was sent home...


Caroline's turtleneck is the "Henry" sweater from Vici Collection, and though it's sadly no longer available, I found a super similar one selling HERE.

Erika asked about Lauren S' two 1-on-1 dresses. The red dress is later on in Best Dressed, but for now here's the olive one from the dinner portion of her date...


Lauren S' "Frida" dress is by Reformation and is still available HERE.

Laura asked about Lauren B's Rose Ceremony dress...


Lauren B's dress is the "Shape of You" bodycon by Lulus and it sells HERE.

Amanda wanted to know about Bekah M's platform suede sandals, also from this week's Rose Ceremony...


Bekah M's shoes are the "Naidine" platforms by Jessica Simpson and they sell (in 3 colors!) HERE.


Best Dressed

A couple of Honorable Mentions this week! Caroline's off-the-shoulder black sweater caught my eye...


Okay, so it's nothing crazy, but she looks effortless and classic. Every closet needs a classic off-the-shoulder black sweater. Caroline's "Ticket to Cozy" sweater by Vici is sadly sold out (HERE) but there's a similar one still available HERE. PS—if you like this silhouette but the color of her above oatmeal turtleneck, there's a great option HERE.

I also dug Marikh's suede moto jacket...


Another classic. She looks edgy and put together. Marikh's suede jacket is by Zara but is unfortunately from last year and therefore no longer available. However, there's a similar one selling HERE.

Finally, we hardly saw any of it but I loved Seinne's Rose Ceremony jumpsuit...


She looks polished and slick. Seinne's jumpsuit is the French Connection "Marie" jumpsuit and is sells HERE.

I have two Runners-up! First is Lauren S with her 1-on-1 daytime ensemble...


This is such a sweet, feminine dress and, since it's a daytime look, she was smart to close up the front to balance the short length. I also LOVE how she paired with sneakers for a laid-back vibe. Lauren S' Reformation "Tunisia" dress is HERE but is sadly sold out. (They do have a wishlist situation, though!) I wasn't able to find anything quite like it, unfortunately. Her (killer) sneakers are the "New Ace" low tops by Gucci and, in case you've got $700 burning a hole in your pocket, they sell HERE. (PS—There's a great look-for-less HERE. Thanks, Tess!)

My other Runner-up is Becca K with her Rose Ceremony dress...


What a beautiful, elegant dress. It has an interesting neckline, the color is perfect, and I love how it's simultaneously structured and yet drapey. Becca K's dress is by ASOS but is tragically no longer available. However, there's a very similar one in a paler blue, also by ASOS HERE (pictured). In my search a found a cool long sleeve version in black, HERE.

As with last week, I have another casual Best Dressed! I LOVED Lauren S' silk blouse she was wearing when she received her 1-on-1 date card...


I kind of love the pajama trend as long as it doesn't go overboard (which I find it quickly can), and this top is just in perfect taste. It's clearly pajama-inspired but still very much a blouse. It's wearable (all it needs is a pair of skinny jeans) and just so gosh darn CHIC. I'm not surprised the brand behind it is French. Lauren S' shirt is the "Elisa" by Sézane (HERE) but since it's sold out, I found a very similar one HERE.


Worst Dressed

This week's Worst Dressed is sadly Jenna with her Rose Ceremony gown...


You guys know what a stickler I am about white gowns that err even slightly bridal, and this one lives firmly in that territory. (In fact, I'd say it reads more than slightly bridal.) The bizarre bedazzled mesh insert feels like it was borrowed from a figure skating dress, and the cut and fit just seem so off. I mean, she is ridiculously gorgeous, but this dress just ages her. It is the opposite of fresh and modern. Sorry, Jenna! :(


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