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Finale: Episodes 10 & 11


We kick off Part I of the Finale with Lauren and Becca taking turns meeting Arie's family. I felt a cultural difference with them that I, as a person with a parent from a very different culture, loved. His parents were very sophisticated and polite, yet SO blunt, particularly evidenced by Arie's father when he told Becca TO HER FACE that he'd be happy "either way"....

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Episode 8


Hometown week kicks off in LA with Kendall. Surprising nobody, this date revolves around taxidermy, but what I found really interesting here is how the TONE is so different from seasons past. To me, Kendall represents that contestant who could be seen as a caricature, who is painted as weirder than most and who could easily be made out to be someone you'd laugh at or deem "crazy". But because she also has a lot of depth and intelligence (and is SHOWN possessing these traits), it prevents that negative edit.

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Episode 6


I've been keen to see Lauren's 1-on-1 for quite some time. I mentioned this last week, but one of my favorite things about Lauren (in addition to how not performer-y she is) is this feeling that she's not necessarily as into Arie as he is into her. I'm not saying that cruelly, because obviously I'd like him to end up with someone where the interest is entirely mutual, but rather that that subtle inequality creates opportunity for confessions like this...

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Episode 2


Episode 2 kicks off with one of Chris Harrison's ever-so-rousing pep talks...

Becca K gets the coveted (and usually meaningful) first 1-on-1 date. The more I see of Becca K the more I like her. She's proving relatable and kind of tongue-in-cheek about being there while still remaining sincere. The following commentary made me laugh...

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