Episode 5

As per Kiara's request, I'm IDing the maxi dress I wore for the Group Date cocktail party:

Dress: Tiffany Backless Striped Jersey Maxi ($99), purchased at Variazioni in New York in Spring 2012.

Similar (if not identical) still available here. Otherwise, an eBay search for "backless striped maxi" garners promising results. (For example)


Dress: This dress is an Hervé Leger (very possibly a knockoff) that I purchased from a cut label boutique in Singapore in 2012. (For around $200, versus $1200)

A similar dress (a knockoff, thankfully) is selling here. (pictured right)


EarringsNadri Pavé Versailles Chandelier Earrings ($70), purchased from QVC in 2007.

Similar (and in my opinion, nicer) pairs can be found here and here.