Q&A // High-Waisted Pants

Q: Hi Sharleen! I've been desperately looking for a versatile pair of high waisted pants - I want the kind that are kind of loose but then have a tight band near the ankle. I have the tiniest natural waist but have a large backside that needs just the right amount of tight and loose. I feel like this shape really accentuates my figure but I can't find the right pair. —Ladan

A: I have a similar issue when it comes to pants. Usually, if pants fit my waist, they're too small on my arse, and if they fit my arse, I'm constantly having to pull up the waist to avoid plumber-butt. Things like stretchy cigarette pants often scare the bejeezus out of me, too, because while they fit everywhere, the extreme stretch seems to emphasize the wrong parts. All that said, I think I feel qualified to refer you to some decent-fitting pants. :)

I am obsessed with the fit of any Aritzia's bottoms made with their Japanese Satin Back Crepe. It's thick/heavy enough that it falls flatteringly yet light enough that it breathes. (I don't work for them, I swear.) I own two pairs of their shorts and two pairs of Cohen pants (listed below), all in this material.

Babaton "Cohen" Pant, Artizia ($85-145). I own this exact pant in two different colors and bought them at regular price, both of which say something. The cut is roomy throughout the bum and leg area and tapers elegantly. The waist is high but not too high (aka: 80s) and the silhouette is perfect for both tucking in fitted tops and letting something looser hang on top. To see mine on me, click here.

Babaton "Harvey" Pant, Artizia ($145). A sportier version of the Cohen pant, but don't worry, the Japanese crepe dresses up the silhouette. You mentioned you wanted a tight band around the ankle so this might be more your speed. I've tried these on and liked them but ultimately went with the Cohen which I felt was more versatile. (The Dexter might also pique your interest.)

If you're willing to venture into something fitted throughout, I've got a couple of favorites for our curvier bottom halves...

Photo credit (right):  PlogStyle

Photo credit (right): PlogStyle

Sanctuary "Grease" Plaid Leggings ($89). Don't be frightened by the print. These fit like a dream (again, high-waisted without going too far) and are super flattering. I definitely have a rear and these make it look better, not bigger in any way. Plus, I'm constantly amazed at how versatile they are; I can wear them with a black sweater and boots by day, or with a flowy tank and heels by night. I'm planning on getting them in solid black as well. There are more sizes here, and a subtler color scheme is also available.

Paige Denim Verdugo Skinny Jeans in "Nottingham" ($169). I would never recommend anyone buy jeans without trying them on (I seriously buy one pair of jeans for probably every hundred that I try on), but I do highly recommend giving these Paige jeans a go next time you're in-store. They've got a reasonably high waist at an 8 1/8 inch rise. They're super soft, stretchy without looking too jegging-like, and the color and wash are very flattering. They also never stretch out. I almost never wear jeans but when I do, these are it for me.

Hope this helps, Ladan!