Oooof, this one was INTENSE! I had one day less than usual and twice the content to get this out, but Hannah’s season was so good, it kept me more inspired than usual. (If you’ve been reading these for awhile you’ll know I struggle and often drag my feet with Finale recaps, sometimes never completing them at all. 🙈) I’m sending this one out from Ottawa, where I’ve been with my family for the past week, living in my pajamas and baking every single day. :)

ICYMI, my recap (and album) for the blog’s 5-year anniversary + Men Tell All viewing party is up and can be found here. Thank you to all who came and celebrated with me!

Now let us recap…

“I am really proud of myself.”

I love it when a person (especially a woman!) can unapologetically declare pride (especially warranted pride!) in herself.
Hannah of all people certainly deserves to feel this way. 🙌🏼



Our very first blissfully Luke P-free episode starts off with last week’s Rose Ceremony, where Hannah sends home Peter. We cut right to Peter’s Hot Seat time in the Live segment, where Peter seems to be in fairly good spirits. He’s respectful of Hannah’s choices, and while he admits he was hurt at the time, he’s doing A-OK in the present. But such a mild degree of heartbrokenness is unacceptable! I laughed when Peter was expressing positivity and gratitude for the experience and Chris Harrison unsubtly steered the conversation back where it belonged…



It’s now down to two, and Tyler’s up first to meet Hannah’s family in Crete. Something happened here that stood out to me, in a good way. Yes, pretty much everything Tyler says and does is great. But I especially appreciated how quick he was to volunteer that the reason he got into dance was because he was doing poorly in school…


This sort of thing takes quite a bit of humility to admit so readily, especially with folks he’s ostensibly trying to impress. Of course, he doesn’t need to have been a good student to be good potential partner for Hannah, but it still really speaks to his quiet confidence and lack of ego that he just self-deprecatingly went there.


It’s Jed’s turn to meet Hannah’s clan and things go decidedly less smoothly. Surprisingly (I don’t know why I was surprised by this but it just sort of caught me off guard), a big focal point of this day is Jed’s financial position and his ability to provide for Hannah and his family in the future.

I’m torn on this because, as a musician myself, I totally feel for the musician’s plight. No one gets into music or the arts for money (rather, they shouldn’t) and I have actually always sympathized for the many male opera singers I meet and work with who play that traditional “provider” role in their families. Even if they are lucky enough to get paid to sing, enough to pay the bills and contribute to supporting a family, it’s never without massive sacrifice. Hannah’s mother was dead on when she said it’s a hard pursuit even when you’ve “hit it big”. In the case of my profession, you’re living away from your home and family for anywhere from 4-6 weeks, several times a season. Quite literally, the more successful you are, the less you’re at home to spend time with the very family you’re supporting. In short, if I was sat down (especially at age 25!) and asked the questions Hannah’s parents were asking Jed, it’d be pretty terrifying.

It’s hard not to hear Hannah’s dad talk about the man’s role as a provider for the family and not see it as a tiny bit outdated. But at the same time it’s clear his beliefs are driven entirely by love. It was clear when he said, “I’m a man who works 14-16 hours a day to make sure they’re all taken care of” that he wasn’t making that point to say the household roles should be as they were in the 50s, but rather that he loves his family and will do anything for them. I also have to admit that my own parents would have the same concern—not because I was raised to be financially dependent on a man (quite the opposite), but because they want me to have as worry-free a life as possible, as any parents would. So while Hannah’s father’s concerns might have sounded outdated, they didn’t bother me.

The best thing to come from this discussion was a fabulous feminist moment, when Hannah said the following in response to her father’s concerns…


I had already planned on the above .GIF but have to share part of a reader email I received about the exact same moment. Reader Joanna somehow read my mind and expresses this better than I can…

“During the scene with her family when she rightly told her Dad that she could provide for herself, I wondered if you noticed how she hesitated and almost struggled with saying this. I would bet her upbringing had resulted in her fully embracing the traditional role of a man needing to provide for a woman in marriage. The matter-of-fact way her dad said that statement is proof. To myself, and other feminist-minded people, it's easy to dismiss this mindset as one that is not even worth considering. However, Hannah never so much as rolled her eyes at her Dad's words. I felt like I could see the wheels turning in her mind as she slowly expressed her own self reliance to her father, likely for the first time. Our idea of the fearless and empowered Hannah is juxtaposed with a real glimpse into her upbringing and the mindsets of the people who raised her. For me, this truly illustrates for us viewers how far this woman has come. Not only has she developed the strength and confidence to overcome deceit so gracefully, but she has also organically realized a self worth and independence, effectively reversing a lifetime of believing women need to be provided for. Can you say inspiring?!”

I couldn’t agree more. The way Hannah hesitates (TWICE) before saying “provide” in the context of HER being the provider, it does seem to suggest it might be the first time she’s considered (or at the very least expressed) this. It’s a wonderful, and as Joanna said, inspiring moment.

After speaking with her parents, Hannah is visibly upset and it feels like a flashback to Jojo’s season, when Jojo’s family clearly preferred Robby to her final pick. If her level of distress here wasn’t an indicator that she would be picking Jed, it was the conversation she would have with him in her state of said distress. Jed comes outside to talk to her and she reveals the following to him…


What stands out to me here, not dissimilar to how I felt about Hannah’s interaction with Luke in Episode 6, is the level of familiarity. There’s still some formality and honeymoon period-vibes with Tyler, but the fact that she tells Jed to his face that she’s “now confused” is pretty huge. Not only is she evidently very comfortable with him, but she’s almost like she’s revealing—especially with the use of “now”—that perhaps they’d both thought he’d be winning this whole thing.


It’s Tyler’s time to shine again as he’s taken on his last and final date. I’ve been going on about this all season, but what I really enjoy about Tyler is his constant focus on Hannah. It really feels like he thinks the world of her, and he’s always quick to make things about her, in both complimentary or supportive ways. Note how, when Hannah tells Tyler that the meet and greet with her parents went really well, he even finds a way to credit HER for HIS behavior on that date…


As I said above, there’s no ego, and THAT is what makes Tyler so attractive. I know everyone’s swooning over him (and with good reason), but truly, his looks are only a small part (okay, a medium part) of the formula. I said in this Instagram post for Andy’s birthday that he has all the confidence in the world, yet no ego. This is the winning combination, and there really is such a difference between the two. Some people have confidence AND ego (Jed, Luke P), and in my opinion, when someone has both, the confidence blurs lines with arrogance. Meanwhile, some people possess neither. But it takes the MOST confidence to have ZERO ego, and that is precisely the very sweet spot where Tyler lies.


I don’t have a ton to say about Jed’s final date. It sucked that it was spent feeling sick and grumpy on a rocky catamaran. The suspicious side of me wondered if the windy weather forecast was part of The Powers That Be’s master plan, but I think that’s probably just next-level paranoia. The main thing that stood out to me is the 4th-wall breakage when Hannah talks to Jed in the evening and she refers to the show—the very show they’re on and of which she is the star—as “this”…


4th wall breakage aside, note the uncertainty on HER part when usually it’s the other way around.


We’re FINALLY on to Part 2. Proposal Day is here! Crazy how time flies! Hannah does the unfortunate deed, and for the millionth time, Tyler rises to the occasion in classy, courteous, and gentlemanly fashion. Note how EVEN IN THIS SITUATION (I think this qualifies as a shituation!), he still makes it about HER…


Talk about making things easy for her. It’s like, until the very end, Tyler is more concerned about Hannah than even himself. There are no embittered, angry, or even mild how-could-you-do-this-to-me vibes. He is always so good about giving her the benefit of the doubt, of recognizing the position she is in. I genuinely believe he wished for her happiness here, even if it didn’t include him. Ugh. Tyler’s the best. 😭


Now for the proposal Chris Harrison described as “cringeworthy”. And I really wish he hadn’t said that—I prefer to form my own opinions, and especially to not be spoiled. We all knew things would have to eventually go south when the proposal—the big, climactic, money moment of any given season—was referred to in this way.

That said, it was pretty cringeworthy. I REEEEALLLLLY wish Jed hadn’t brought his guitar out for the occasion. As I’ve said throughout the season, I do feel Jed struggles to express himself when it’s not in song, as evidenced when he even says….


I of all people have been extremely tolerant of Jed’s guitar-toting ways this season. Conversely, I was very critical of Bradley, the opera singer from Andi’s season. My issue wasn’t his talent—it was his showcasing that talent at totally inappropriate moments: on Night One around the mansion, during Group Dates in front of everyone. It’s for this reason that I haven’t been too hard on Jed for all his song-playing; other than messing around on a piano for fun during a Group Date and playing a song for the talent portion of a “pageant”, he has limited his performances to private moments between him and Hannah.

However, in my opinion, a proposal is simply not an appropriate time to break into song, and that’s where Jed treads into cringeworthy territory for me. My main issue with the above is that, whether or not he means for this to happen, it innately becomes about HIM. This is a moment that should be about THEM. By breaking into song, it becomes a performance, no matter how intimate. Further, and again I’m going to speak as a musician here, there really has to be a line drawn between your “craft” and your personal life.

I know there’s a massive difference in that I’m not writing my own lyrics or songs, and it’s easy for me to say because I LOVE words and talking and writing and all the ways in which we express ourselves. But with Jed, one should be able to communicate with words and words alone at a time like this. Music is certainly a huge part of my life but it’s just that: a PART of my life. It has nothing to do with my marriage or my personal life and relationships. I’ve long said, when people have asked to know more about my singing, that it’s what I do but not who I am. Jed’s a grown man and should be able to get through a proposal speech—simply expressing his feelings to the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life—without relying on the crutch that is a song he’s prepared. At this point, especially given he knows Hannah’s super into it, it resembles a cheap party trick of the Bradley-the-opera-singer variety.


Now for the meat and potatoes of the finale! I found myself overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to unpack, and in the end I just ended up making a shitload of .GIFs. There were so many crimes committed, and perhaps because I have been giving Jed the benefit of the doubt for some time, it felt appropriate that I go over in detail just how poorly he went about this conversation. Maybe I’m making up for lost time. :)

First up, Hannah is understandably concerned about how much of Jed’s appearance in this whole thing is about him and his career, and how she and their relationship feel like a vehicle for that. Jed’s response is Exhibit A of his Royal Fuck-Uppery…


No, Jed. Just no. Note how he doesn’t take any responsibility for his many actions that would lead her to feel this way. He just says, “I don’t want you to feel that way”, which is basically the same as saying “I’m sorry you feel that way”. Also, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ASK HER WHAT HE SHOULD DO TO MAKE IT BETTER. By putting it on her, by asking what he can do to NOT have her feel that way, he suggests she’s feeling the way she is by no fault of his. He doesn’t identify actions or words of his that caused her to feel this way, not weeding from the root; he only offers a Band-Aid to stop it moving forward. Also, talk about a lack of proactivity or taking initiative. Not only does he not take responsibility, he can’t seem to muster up the energy or interest to even deny the allegations. He’s so passive and disconnected in this conversation that it feels like he’s barely there, like a limp shadow of a person.

Hannah responds with “I don’t know”, and just watch Jed’s overwhelming care and concern for her—THE WOMAN HE LOVES—in this moment…


The resounding word that comes to mind during this whole conversation is apathy, but I swear, that moment he blinks and looks away, it almost graduates to annoyance. The above really stands out to me about the overriding problem here, the swirling questions about Jed’s “girlfriend” and his music career aside. I actually genuinely believe Jed is into Hannah, but the above proves that he is not yet man enough to even consider fully committing to someone. I can’t even imagine casually dating a guy who—after having committed a crime that could well lead to our relationship’s demise—would react with such indifference. Jed simply isn’t yet at the point where he can truly love and care for someone else as much as he does himself. The man needs to ripen. A lot. I give him 10 years, minimum.

There’s an editing flub when Hannah returns from her walk outside. Note how as they’re settling back in, she doesn’t have her ring on, yet in the next shot she does…

Thanks for the spot,  Liviya !

Thanks for the spot, Liviya!

Another thing to note is the use of the word “look”. (And this wasn’t even the point of this .GIF! I swear, I could have blindly made .GIFs of any part of this conversation, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey style, and it would have been an example of poor handling on Jed’s part.) Think about how much sweeter and more sincere this sentiment would have been without “look” in front of it, which immediately makes him sound impatient and irritated.

Unfortunately, it just keeps going. Jed is proving to be something of a secret narcissist, and I say “secret” because he’s been lucky enough to hide behind the larger-than-life narcissist that is Luke. Watch how, in his pathetic attempt to take responsibility (!), he still makes it about him when it is very much NOT just about him…


MAJOR kudos to Hannah for the above. In the heat of the moment, it’d be easy to miss this, but she truly never misses a beat. I admire many things about her but how she manages to see clearly despite being in a state of rage is really impressive and possibly the ability of hers I covet most.

Want some more narcissism? Sure you do! At a time where he could very likely lose the supposed love of his life and should be fighting tooth and nail to keep her, his main concern is being seen crying on camera…


Literally the ONLY example of true honesty in this whole segment is when Jed finally (FINALLY) admits the obvious truth we all knew (and Hannah DEFINITELY knew) going into it…


This is another example of the eerie parallels between Jed and Luke. Remember how many times Hannah had to have lengthy, heated discussions with Luke, only to FINALLY get a bit of ownership and concession on his part, after what was probably hours spent arguing?

Towards the end of this conversation, Hannah correctly zeroes in on the root of the problem in terms of their relationship and its future…


Her saying “You got to see all of me, I didn’t get to see all of you” resonated with me. I’m not the type of person who likes to be in the dark about anything—even if it’s unpleasant, I would rather know all the information so I can make INFORMED decisions based on that. It’s in this sense that Jed manipulated her and her actions and, as I said over at Flare, on a way larger and more insidious scale than even Luke. At least with Luke, what you saw was what you got. He was a pathological liar who genuinely believed his own (sometimes cartoonish) lies. But with Jed, he’s the type to make white lie after white lie, KNOWINGLY, and for no reason other than convenience and to preserve his image. The two are equally terrible, just in different ways. It really highlights the hypocrisy in Jed’s concern for Hannah during Fantasy Suite week, about her potential to end up with someone who could hurt her.

Look, the side of me that is phobic of regret (the feeling of regret is a legit fear of mine—it’s the reason I have no tattoos) feels a bit for Jed. I have no doubt that if he could go back in time and do many things differently, he would. I doubt he’d pull a Luke and say he has no regrets. I also think that he did not come close to doing enough research on this show before coming on, in terms of rumors and magazine articles and the power an ex, no matter how “unofficial”, would have to make his life a living hell. But this conversation was truly a fail of the most epic proportions, and it was precisely what I was holding out for before I formed my opinions on the guy. (Like I said, I want all the information so I can make informed decisions, and form informed opinions!) The opportunity was his to seize, to mend things as best he could, to take responsibility, grovel a bit, show remorse. He squandered that opportunity by doing none of those things. Worst of all, in his defense of his image, he seemed to think he was outsmarting Hannah (and all of us) with his half-baked lies. I have zero sympathy for the guy.


It’s finally After The Final Rose, where Hannah and Jed go back and forth (with Chris Harrison’s help) and Hannah makes it abundantly clear that things are over between them. Jed’s showing here wasn’t bad; it was clear he went in with either genuine remorse or a strategy to display genuine remorse. Either way, it was far too late. His awful handling of the above filmed conversation was and forever will be his initial (and likely most authentic) response, try as he might to salvage his relationship and image. Actually, I personally believe that he was displaying an attempt to salvage the relationship IN ORDER TO salvage his image—that’s how distrusting I am of him at this point.

Leave it to Chris Harrison to manage to make terribly awkward situations infinitely more awkward. I couldn’t help but laugh when he (unnecessarily) recapped Hannah and Jed’s relationship and engagement as being over, with both of them still sitting right there, talk show style…


I made this my The Morning After “Buzziest Moment”, but just had to capture it in .GIF form. The following encapsulates why this season has surpassed so many and become one of everyone’s favorites, mine included. This season was about a young woman overcoming her need for approval from others, her dependence on men, and realizing how strong and self-reliant she is along the way…


This is the perfect place to insert the other part of reader Joanna’s fantastic email:

“I can't remember watching a season during which a contestant becomes an obvious villain only after he/she has won the final rose. From what was seen, there were NO red flags from the other men, and no murmurs about "right reasons" in the house. It was actually the complete opposite: the men seemed to LOVE Jed. (I'm curious about whether Tyler would have been so gracious at the end if he truly did have any misgivings). We can be less forgiving when other leads choose the villain despite warnings (à la Ben and Courtney), but in this sense, Hannah was truly and completely blindsided. What I find fascinating is that despite this obvious betrayal and the lack of warnings, she NEVER came across as a victim, nor did she shame her betrayer near as much as she could have. Bachelor Nation would be fully ready to shower its abundant pity on Hannah (similar to how we felt incredibly sad for Becca after Arie dumped her), but she simply doesn't need it. She was regretful about the outcome, but not seeking anyone's sympathy. She emerged on the other side of her journey stronger than ever. Despite how it turns out with Tyler, this ending made me happier for a lead than I can remember feeling, even when the happy couple is adorning smiles and sparkly engagement rings. The season somehow became a story of personal growth, feminism, and discovering your own worth. I for one am HERE. FOR. IT.”

The whole thing suddenly gives new meaning to the season preview of Hannah, the proverbial fairytale princess shedding her tulle skirt and crown. This was a different, modern day, and frankly way more interesting sort of fairytale.

A side of me would have totally been down for the season ending with the above, with the sense that, even with no romance on the horizon, she’s GOOD. That said, there was something magical about seeing Hannah and Tyler together on the hot seat, chemistry obviously still brewing between them. And after this chaotic season, it’s hard to not want her to be with someone who roots for her and has ALWAYS rooted for her…


And I don’t even necessarily mean that I hope she “ends up” with Tyler. (THEY’RE SO YOUNG. GEEZ.) I mean, you want a woman who has recently identified and come to terms with her value and strength to display another piece of that self-worth puzzle in choosing a quality human with whom she spends her time. Because let’s be honest, the choice of the company we keep is in and of itself a sign of how we regard ourselves. It’d be great to see her choose—even if it’s only for the time being—someone who’s seen those good qualities in her from the moment he met her, and believed in her even when she didn’t believe in herself. Above all, someone whose own image doesn’t ever take precedence over his feelings for her. I said on The Morning After that this ending reminded me of a movie that ends without traditional closure, like a plot where the ends are intentionally left loose. I loved it. The story continues, and to me, the magic of an unknown future between the two of them is felt more vividly here than with any proposal.

As always, my initial thoughts on this episode can be found over at Flare!




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Hannah’s Cushnie asymmetric satin dress sells HERE. There’s a great look-for-less selling HERE.

Hannah’s Looks


I was not a fan of this. I dug her fabulous topknot updo (note how it’s pretty much the same as the model photo), and the earrings are very fun. But while I usually like color blocking, this dress just looks odd, like it started out wanting to be a swimsuit and changed its mind halfway down. Above all, with the way it bunched up at the midsection, it just wasn’t flattering. Hannah’s “Nicole” dress is from the Randi Rahm Spring Evolution 2019 Collection (HERE). Her The Woods baguette diamond heart earrings sell HERE. The most similar look-for-less I could find sells HERE.


This was fabulous. The dress is bold and strong, from the silhouette to the color to the ratio of skin to covered up-ness, and that slick ponytail is GIVING ME LIFE. Hannah is my updo spirit animal. I’ve never been more satisfied by hairdo variety than I have been this season! Hannah’s Cushnie asymmetric hammered-satin mini dress sells HERE, but since the price tag isn’t for the faint of heart, I found a decent look-for-less HERE. Her Stuart Weitzman “Nudistsong” sandals (in Pewter) sell (on sale!) HERE. Her diamond jewelry is by Dena Kemp, but there are decent looks-for-less for the earrings HERE and HERE.


I mostly like this. She looks feminine and sweet, but on the whole it’s lacking an elevated quality that makes a look primetime-worthy to me. I particularly don’t love the dark, layered chokers, which feel very 90s to me (and not in fresh way). Other than that, I like the dress fine. Hannah’s Paige “Marjoram” dress sells HERE. There’s a good look-for-less selling HERE. Her Schutz “Eduarda” wedge sandals sell HERE. If you disagree with me on the chokers, her Gold & Gray necklaces sell HERE and HERE. Her Robyn Rhodes “Sandra” ring sells HERE.


I really like this. The flowy dress, especially with her hair half-up, has an almost ethereal quality. This is what I mean about “elevated”—note how, especially with the flat sandals, this look is no more dressy than the above one. But the dress itself, the styling, the jewelry, the hair… they take everything to the next level, to Bachelorette heights. Hannah’s Ramy Brook “Kinslie” dress (in Azure) sells HERE. There’s a decent look-for-less HERE. Her Lilly Pulitzer “Heather” sandals sell HERE, and there’s a great look-for-less for those HERE. As for her jewelry….


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I liked this a lot. Another example of casual daywear, but elevated and TV-worthy. The top is interesting and fun. Hannah’s Ulla Johnson “Coline” blouse is sadly sold out (HERE) but there’s still one selling HERE, and one in Beige HERE. You’ve seen her Rag & Bone “Razor” booties (in Light Sand) many times now; they sell HERE. Her Shalla Wista “Kaylee” gold hoops sell HERE.


I’m indifferent to this look. I’m mostly focused on the fact that any person would choose to wear a crop top with tight jeans to snuggle on a sofa. 😱Needless to say, that wouldn’t be my comfort wear of choice. Hannah’s Sablyn “Chloe” cashmere hoodie (in Luna) is sadly sold out (HERE). I couldn’t find anything quite like this—if you can live without the hood, there are decent looks-for-less HERE and HERE. Otherwise, the best options I could find sell HERE and HERE. Her Club Monaco “Jowenna” leather sneaker sells HERE, and there’s a look-for-less selling HERE.


Despite the fact that it’s ultra casual, this was one of my favorite looks of the week. I love white on white in general and think it’s an underrated pairing. The cute hoodie is the star here; it’s a bit different, breezy, and worn in a way that feels unexpected. I would wear this in a heartbeat. Hannah’s Chaser “Sparkle” raglan hoodie (in White) sells HERE. Her Hudson “Gemma” shorts (in White) sell (on sale!) HERE. As for her jewelry…


Hannah’s Gold & Grey “Moon and Star” hoops sell HERE. Her shell bracelet is by Shalla Wista—this exact model is not online but they have a gold version selling HERE. There’s a look-for-less option for Hannah’s selling HERE. they have a gold version selling HERE


First, I am OVER the onslaught of pink coats and leather jackets. I don’t even like this shade of pink… it should either commit to being baby pink or being blush0-colored, OR being a bolder, brighter pink. This is no-man’s-land pink, and maybe if it were the first pink piece of outerwear we’d seen this season, I’d be into it. But no. As for the rest of the outfit, I’m a fan. I LOOOOVE those lace pants and was sorely disappointed to see that they were on sale but now sold out. Hate it when that happens. :( If you disagree with me on the jacket, Hannah’s Michael Michael Kors crinkled leather moto jacket (in Carnation) sells (on sale) HERE, and there’s a good faux option (and look-for-less) HERE. Her Night Night by Jonathan Simkhai lace trim pants are tragically sold out (HERE) but there’s a good look-for-less option selling HERE. Her Zadig & Voltaire “Christy” silk lace cami is sadly sold out (HERE)—there’s a near-identical option HERE and less similar but good look-for-less option HERE.


I want to love this more than I do. I do think she looks gorgeous, but the dress looks too familiar for me to get excited. It just looks like yet another variation on the same Randi Rahm dress theme we’ve seen countless times before. The material and patterns are slightly different but the gist is the same: high neck halter, low back, embellishments throughout, long bridal-ish train. Like, sure it’s beautiful, but I just want to see something DIFFERENT, even if it’s a risk. To top it all off… you know what I’m going to say…. this neckline warrants a some sort of pulled-back hair situation. Hannah’s “Lolita” gown is from the Randi Rahm Bridal Evolution 2019 Collection (HERE). You’ve seen her Dilamani Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond earrings before—they’re over HERE, and there are good looks-for-less HERE and HERE.


If there was ever a case to be made for hair being swept back, this is it. The bit point of interest is this dress' one shoulder detail, and you can’t even tell because her hair is covering the open space. That gripe aside, I love this dress. The color is a real WOW and is loud without feeling cheap or tacky. The draping detail is cool and unlike anything I’ve seen. I do prefer it with the original midi length (feels more modern) but I don’t mind the knee-length either. And for what it’s worth, I do like her hairdo, but it reeeeeally should have been swept the other way. The earrings are fun but bordering on too much for me—I actually found myself distracted by them as she spoke and they rattled around. Hannah’s Cushnie one-shoulder draped hammered-satin dress sells HERE. The best look-for-less I could find sells HERE. She’s wearing those same Stuart Weitzman “Nudistsong” sandals (in Pewter)—they sell (on sale!) HERE. Her diamond earrings (and ring!) are by Dena Kemp but there’s no listing for them online. There are decent looks-for-less selling HERE and HERE.

Best Dressed

Despite the sour taste Jed left me with after this finale, he is very much this week’s Best Dressed…


I’m always impressed whenever a three piece suit feels fresh and modern as opposed to stuffy and dated. A three-piece suit in subtle plaid is particularly nice and unexpected. The tie doesn’t match the suit but complements it, both in pattern and color. I also think the longer hair suits him. Overall, he looked very dapper and probably the best we’ve seen him (tied with his Best Dressed showing on Night One).

Worst Dressed

I don’t know if Jed had to make a trip to the store at some point during these weeks in Greece or what, but there were a few very ill-fitting shirts in this finale…


I don’t love the shirt to begin with (it just feels like it’s trying too hard… like, just wear a blue shirt), but it legit looks at LEAST two sizes too big, and in the wrong cut. The man needs a slim fit, not a tent fit.

Whew! We made it!
Thank you, fellow pandas, for following along with me during this FANTASTIC season and sharing your great commentary along the way.
I really appreciate your involvement and dedication! As always, let me know your thoughts below…