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My longtime readers know that I don't do Pretty Panda recaps for Tell All episodes, but for awhile now I've been wanting to make a tradition of having a Best Dressed ranking. (In fact, last year I did about 70% of the work for a WTA fashion post like this but got bogged down by the following episode and just gave up.) A lot of you wrote me with WTA requests, so that gave me the kick in the pants to finally make this happen. Without further ado, here is a fashion round-up of Season 22's Women Tell All...






Elise asked about Chelsea's off-the shoulder jumpsuit...


Chelsea's Windsor "Deep Love" jumpsuit is sold out (HERE) and I sadly couldn't find anything quite like it out there. :( In my search I did find a strapless bodysuit with a similar plunge/sweetheart cut (HERE).

A few of you asked about Tia's romper...


Tia's Alexis "Annora" cutout lace romper sells (on sale!) HERE.


Honorable Mention

I have three Honorable Mentions!

Despite the fact that Bibiana's dress situation was often distracted by her blurred inner cleavage, I still noticed and loved her dress...


First off, props to her for wearing her hair back with a dress that SHOULD have that neckline highlighted. I'm always a sucker for nude, interestingly-cut and draped pieces, and this is simply a lovely, sexy dress. As for the blurring, I am 100% convinced that this show has no issue with regular, top-boob cleavage, yet it  blurs just about any other kind. As someone who had her cleavage blurred a couple of times while on the show—once it was side-boob (my Night One dress), and the other it was under-boob (my Week 3 Rose Ceremony dress— I have to wonder if her cleavage was even blur-worthy (to this day I don't think mine was remotely scandalous or blur-worthy). But cleavage-blurring tangent aside, Bibiana's House of Harlow x Revolve "Loretta" dress sells HERE.

Next up is Annaliese with her green one shoulder dress...


I found this dress simple (in a good way) and timeless. A lot of women wore color, yet she still stood out in this teal (it is a fantastic color on her and is similar to her Night One dress), and the dress itself fit her like a glove. She was the picture of ladylike elegance. Annaliese's Likely "Packard" dress sells (on sale and in FIVE colors) HERE.

Finally, unsurprisingly, the ever-well dressed Lauren S...



Considering her short time on the season and overall limited airtime, Lauren S has been a fixture in my Best Dressed section. This dress really represents her unique style. I love the updated polka dots (how they're kind of supersized and on sheer fabric), and how whimsical and different the dress feels. (I've never seen anything like it.) Lauren S' For Love and Lemons "Dotty" midi dress sells HERE (also in red, HERE) and there's a long sleeved mini dress version selling HERE.


Best Dressed

My second runner-up for Best Dressed is Ashley with her strappy black jumpsuit...


It's truly a shame we didn't get to see more of Ashley because whenever we did see her, she was dressed like a badass. I think this jumpsuit is so fierce. It's obviously sexy with the cutouts, but it has an angular feel with the shape of those cut outs, and the overall silhouette feels very modern to me. (For example, if the legs were tapered, I wouldn't love it as much; the slight boot cut gives it a slightly business-y vibe that, given the decidedly not business-y upper half, I'm very into.) My only wish here is that Ashley had resisted the common Bachelor contestant temptation to wear her hair down. A slick ponytail would've been the cherry on top. But I'm being picky—this was a fantastic look. Ashley's Bec & Bridge "Coco Jazz" jumpsuit sells HERE.

Runner-up for Best Dressed is Seinne with her unique dress...


It's no surprise Seinne is high on this list. She has been a Best Dressed section fixture all season. This look did her reign justice. The color feels fresh (as opposed to a basic white), and the cut is interesting. Note how she's showing no more skin than in, say, a strapless tube dress, yet this feels so much more sexy and alluring. My only beef with this look (it's not hair-related, for once!) is that the fit feels ever-so-slightly off. It's just tugging at her neck in a way that makes me think this is more of a standing dress than a sitting dress. But I'm REALLY splitting hairs here. She was a total knock-out. Seinne's Donna Mizani "Serena" dress sells HERE and her Gorjana "Elea" cuff sells HERE.

Drumroll, please! My Women Tell All Best Dressed is Marikh...


When I saw Marikh, I actually said, "Wow." She POPPED in this outfit. First, that color is just stunning on her. Like Annaliese, she managed to stand out in a sea of color. It's a ballsy move to wear hot pink and it really paid off for her. The cut of the dress is unique but nothing too crazy, as it shouldn't be given the color. Note how it's not about how much skin she's showing, but how impeccably the color works with her skin and how the dress fits like a GLOVE. I especially love how each individual piece is fantastic, not only the dress. When I saw her earrings I immediately thought, "I HAVE to have those." (She cleverly wore them partially tucked behind her ear, mimicking an ear jacket look.) Also, as a fashion lover and shoe appreciator (if not a shoe-aholic; I'm more of a handbag and coat girl), these iconic Valentinos are of course to die for. Overall, I'm coveting not only how good everything looks on her, but the actual items themselves. This is a top-to-bottom win.

Marikh's Likely "Cerise" dress sells (super on sale!) HERE and HERE. It also comes in black (also on sale) HERE. Her Valentino "Rockstud T-strap" pumps sell HERE. Her Nadri earrings sell HERE. PS—If you loved Annaliese's dress but Marikh's color, since they're the same brand, that combo sells HERE.


Worst Dressed

No fashion recap is complete without pointing out the less successful looks, and I'm afraid Lauren G is this week's victim...


This just does not feel cohesive to me. The top feels a bit too much like lingerie, which is actually fine, but if you're going to go for the sexy lingerie look, it should be paired with something that suits that "I'm a badass who wears lingerie by day" theme (think leather leggings). Instead, the pants feel more like something you'd wear to the office. In general, my issue is how effortful the overall look feels. Now, I do give Lauren G props for effort and risk-taking—the worst crime one can commit is not trying at all—but this was an unsuccessful risk, in my opinion. Sorry, Lauren G!


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