Episode 3

As per Jillian D's request, here are details on the dress I wore in the evening of the soccer group date:



DressTopshop Cream Lace Mini Dress ($60), purchased in Autumn 2009. It originally had a low-ish back, to just beneath the shoulder blades, but I had my tailor scoop it out way lower.


SwimsuitMelissa Odabash Peru Backless Onepiece ($150), purchased in Autumn 2013



Dress: This color block cutout dress is an Hervé Leger (possibly a knockoff, but if so it's VERY good) that I purchased from a cut label boutique in Hong Kong in 2011. (For about $200, versus $1200+)

Fun fact #1: If you're ever in Asia, particularly Singapore or Hong Kong, the cut label stores are to die for. A great guide to what "cut label" means as well as how to shop for them is here.

Fun fact #2: This dress has considerable under-cleavage that was blurred out by the editors. I suppose upper-cleavage is television-friendly but not under. :)

Very similar dresses (definitely knockoffs, thankfully for the wallet) are selling here and here.



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