What I Wore // Instagram 09.31.14

I knew my Instagram followers were my kind of people when I posted the following image, supposedly about the Mexi corn, and the only thing any of you gave a rat's ass about was my outfit. LOVE IT. ♥

Romper: Parker "Wilson" Silk Jumper in Bayou ($288, but currently half price on Piperlime!), also available in Daiquiri on Shopbop.

Sunglasses Chain: I put my sunglasses on a simple gold-plated glasses chain. (Yes, like your grandma used to wear) I love it because:

1) I don't have to worry about my sunglasses tugging my hair when I put them on my head

2) I don't have to worry about losing them when I tuck them on my shirt

3) It provides insta-glam and has a cool necklace-y look

There are similar chains on Etsy, for example here and here!

Purse: Kate Spade "Carroll Park Mini Penelope" Crossbody ($298, but there are deals to be found all over eBay, like here, here, and here!)

Earrings: Large Gold Hoop with Gold-Dipped Druzy Earrings ($150), purchased from Laura Hunter Jewelry on Etsy. (Also worn on Episode 2)

Similar: Jessica Matrasko Natasha Earrings or Mamacita Studios Geode and Amethyst Hoops.

Thanks for stopping by!