Episode 9


The boys remain in Dallas to be informed that they'll be meeting Rachel's parents there. Two things stuck out to me about this: First, this means that, post-Hometown, Dean was flown to Dallas for the Rose Ceremony only to twiddle his thumbs, get eliminated, and immediately flown home. Second, there's a delightful breaking of the 4th wall...

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Episode 8


As a longtime viewer I've always loved Hometowns week, and as a recapper I've discovered I love it just as much. Something about the way the episode is broken up and compartmentalized really works from an analysis perspective.

Rachel starts off in Baltimore to visit Eric and his clan, and we quickly discover the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and his family is every bit as endearing as he is...

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Episode 7


Rachel takes Bryan on the man equivalent of Leslie H's Pretty Woman date (Sean Lowe's season) and Jade's Cinderella date (Chris Soules' season), meaning he's given some serious swag and the show pretends Rachel is personally treating him. Amidst an onslaught of Breitling product placement, Bryan drops a cute comment...

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Episode 5


Because pretty much nothing happened at the end of the Group Date cliffhanger, I'm going to skip ahead to Jack's 1-on-1. There was an ITM at the start of this date, but note how her outfit is from her 1-on-1 with Peter, meaning "last night" in that context was actually referring to Night One...

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Episode 4


We pick up with last week's Rose Ceremony, where Lee appeared to have something important and time sensitive (anyone else notice how he kept saying "16 seconds?" to Kenny's "60 seconds"?) to discuss with Rachel. But apparently he was just pot stirring, the one thing he seems to excel at. That and artful wood carving...

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Episode 3


We pick up with a cliffhanger where Rachel eloquently shuts down a very talkative DeMario. I thought it was wise that he returned to take responsibility for his actions and attempt to unsully his reputation, but it would have been more effective it was just to voice what he'd learned rather than trying to return to the mansion. Anyway, surprising nobody, it turns out he'll be on Paradise this Summer so evidently he's still got both damage control and airtime on his mind.

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Episode 2


I always love a kitschy competition of sorts, especially when there's nothing serious (like being allowed to attend the evening portion of the date) on the line. This "Husband Material" race was hilarious and it reminded me of Chris Soules' Group Date "Hoe-down Throw-down" from 2.5 years ago (wow, times flies). The celeb cameos are becoming more and more impressive with each passing season and I looooved Mila and Ashton's cute ITMs...

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Episode 1


Happy May, dear Pretty Panda readers!

I'm so happy to have you back! As always, I'll post bits of news up here first before getting to the recap...

First, as always, I'm continuing writing recaps for Flare, and as with last season, doing "The Morning After" Facebook Live videos for them. This season the videos will consist of a little Q&A after my quick takeaways. So, if you have a question you'd like answered, no matter how random, feel free to either post it in the comments below the video or tweet it at me.

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