Hi, I'm Sharleen. I'm an opera singer by day, blogger by night. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, I live in New York City with my husband, Andy Levine. Chances are, if you're here you know me as "that opera singer" from Season 18 of ABC's The Bachelor

If you got lost looking for my singing website, you can find it over here!


I like...

Equality; Baroque music; Frozen Yogurt; The benefit of the doubt; Dry humor; Real conversations; Pomelos; Engrish; Bleecker Street; Curiosity; Adjectives beyond "amazing" and "awesome"; Kiwis; My Nintendo Switch; Reciprocity; Heels; Self-awareness; Lobster rolls; Superb spelling; Floss; Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs; Quiet confidence; Window shopping; Accountability; Violent Asian massages; Working fireplaces; Cocktails with egg whites; Looseleaf tea; Generosity; Backless dresses; Honesty


I dislike...

Entitlement; Ignorance; Guns; Talking without listening; Incorrect use of "it's" vs "its" (and while we're at it, "you're" vs "your"); Cruelty; People who take themselves too seriously; The middle seat on airplanes; Judgmental people; Condescension; Closed-mindedness; Stubbornness; Bullies

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